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Andrea Graham's Latest LTC Newsletter

Long Term Care
Our resident LTC expert, Andrea Graham, has all the latest carrier news, sales ideas, and commentary on the state of LTC. Don't miss out on information you need to know.
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AML Training, etc.

Anti-Money Laundering Training is now required by all insurance carriers.   Please note that to Log onto the LIMRA site, you are now required to use your National Producer Number. To obtain this number, please click here to go to NIPR's website. The link for the LIMRA site is here. The carriers are automatically notified.

Manadatory Annuity Training Update.

All annuity products now have specific product training, but did you know that each state has their own requirements to sell these products?  If you would like to know what requirements are in effect for your state, click here for a complete list.  If you are planning on selling an annuity, be sure and check what training is required BEFORE taking an application. If you don't, you will have to start over which can be a real problem especially if you are ready to submit with case. Just ask me how I know....

Latest News

Monday, October 16, 2017 - Equifax Breach Can Slow Appointment Process

We received word from one of our carriers that they are having difficulty appointing some agents because of the breach at Equifax.  

If you are one of the many people who decided to freeze your account to protect your information, please be aware that you will need to unfreeze it to get appointed with a carrier.  They need to access your report and it will greatly slow the process if it has been frozen.  Just one more way this is affecting so many people!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - Life Insurance Awareness Month!

Many resources are available to take advantage of the huge marketing campaign that is flooding the airwaves.  For one resource, check out LGAmerica's microsite.  Check back for more resources soon!

Monday, August 28, 2017 - New Term Rates Sack the Competition!

Legal & General America OPTerm Reprice takes affect August 28, 2017.  There are no increases and many pricing decreases. The areas for decreases are primarily focused on higher face amounts, younger lives, all standard underwriting classes, concentrated in longer durations and males and females are evenly distributed.  Click here to go to their Microsite or here for more details on the changes.

Thursday, August 24, 2017 - Table 4 to Standard Program ends December 1, 2017!

There are limited opportunities to obtain a better rate class for your clients.  But we have one!  This is available on select permanent products with a true rate reduction.  The maximum available is $5 million and available up to age 70 and under.  Contact us today for a quote and more details on how this can help you make more sales.  Perfect for your end of the year push!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - A New Whole Life Product Available in NY!

Ameritas has great whole life products that have gotten even better in NY.  Applications can begin to be submitted on August 31, 2017.  They will be adding products that are built for long term cash value accumulation over 20 to 30 years with both lifetime and 10 pay funding options.  They also have a product that gives all of the benefits of a death benefit with long term cash value, but with a lower premium.

Add these to their already robust portfolio of products and you have all the answers you need to solve your clients' objectives.  Send us a request for further information or a quote, and we'll give you all the details.  

  • As all the people involved are true assets to the organization, I commend Andy Kalinowski for the value these special individuals provide to my Agency.
    --Andrew J Fazio, President, Fazio Insurance Agency

  • We could not be more impressed with the attention we are given. We highly recommend Upstate Special Risk for all of your insurance needs.
    --Judy Janesh, Producer

  • Ever since I have made the move to Upstate our Life and Disability production has quadrupled.
    --Steve Desino, President, Pinnacle Insurance Agency

  • Upstate Special Risk Services offers prompt, friendly, professional services for my life insurance clients. I especially appreciate the regular follow ups to let me know how the applications are progressing.
    --Scott Greene, Producer

  • I have worked with LifeMark/Upstate Special Risk Services for almost 5 years. The support has been amazing since our first meeting. The help and guidance of the folks at home office is second to none! They continuously help me grow my business and my knowledge through phone conversations and email as well as GFS and Firm Element trainings. Their approach as fiduciaries and trusted advisors is refreshing and nothing short of exemplary. I am looking forward to our growth together over the coming years.
    --Ron Drake, Registered Rep, LifeMark Securities Corp.

  • Upstate Special Risk has been a vital part of my marketing plan for almost a decade. With imagination, insight and an appreciation for the importance of detail, the risk management experts at Upstate have been instrumental in my firm's growth. Embracing a model of holistic planning has greatly benefited my clients, and has led to my company's growth through an increase in referrals and introductions. While I can't be an expert in every aspect of wealth management and planning, my partnership with Upstate Special Risk can bridge that gap and move my clients forward in their pursuit of financial security!
    --Linda Black, Leesburg, VA, Registered Rep, LifeMark Securities Corp.

  • For over 17 years, I have valued Upstate's support with my fixed business. Their unbiased offerings and expert assistance allow me to focus on providing my clients personalized service while addressing all of their financial needs.
    --Fred Scarpulla, Registered Rep, LifeMark Securities Corp.