Save More Time
Save More Time
Our innovative licensing system gets you appointed in no time. Not just for one carrier but for all of the carriers that we make available. We also offer access to Anti Money Laundering Training for life insurance agents. Plus, Upstate's Swift Ticket™ system is the quickest, easiest way to get from start to finish on your smaller term cases. Explore our website to learn about all the resources to make your business easier and more efficient.
Create More Opportunities
Create More Opportunities
Our expert underwriting skills and advanced case design experience, make us indispensable for creating the right solution for your clients. With our own underwriter on staff and access to HIPAA compliant pre-application underwriting and case design resources, you can be sure that you will get expert guidance for your cases. Call us first before you submit an application and let us help you get the best offer the first time.
Manage Your Business
Manage Your Business
Our meticulous case management staff handles all the details of your cases from ordering exams through getting you paid. We also provide access to our case management system so you can track the progress of your cases anytime. Just as important is the service you receive after the sale. You can count on us to be there long after you deliver a policy. From a change of beneficiary to death claims, we'll be there to assist you every step of the way.

Founder and President, Andrew J. Kalinowski

Time for a Change

A new year can bring a new business model, new relationships and a new business plan for your business development. If you have been thinking of making some relationship changes now is the time to start. An effective due diligence process is necessary if you are considering a change of this magnitude.

It is not possible to create a one size fits all checklist to determine if a new relationship is suitable for your given situation, but we think you'll agree that Upstate has a formidable checklist.

Here are a few teaser questions:

Does the firm have a national presence?
Is the firm an IMO with a national presence and multiple insurance carrier access?
Is the firm a full service Broker Dealer?
Is the firm an RIA with multiple managed account platforms?
Is fee based financial planning allowed and is state of the art financial planning software available?
Does the firm have state of the art CRM systems in place?
Does the firm provide low or no cost access to all it’s systems?
Does the firm protect your franchise with state of the art real world compliance?
Does the firm provide transitional assistance and a compensation package you can actually understand?
Do you know everyone at the firm on a first name basis and more importantly do they all know you on a first name basis?

If any of these teaser questions spark your interest I would be happy to entertain your call at +1 (585) 273-8530 (toll-free +1 (800) 828-4415) and assist you in determining if our organization would be a good fit for you.


Our History

Andrew Kalinowski, founder and President of Upstate Special Risk Services, entered the insurance industry in 1969 first as a producer and then as a home office representative and general agent. Determining that the future of our business would be to serve the independent producer and institutional account, he created Upstate in 1974.

Since that time, Andy and his team have been at the leading edge of brokerage services always looking for ways to improve the products and services that we make available to our business partners. In 1982, seeing that adding a securities business would enhance our ability to serve the community, he co-founded LifeMark Securities Corp as a national, full service broker dealer. Recently, we added an RIA and fee based financial planning program to our suite of services.

Today, we are able to meet the challenges of our industry and support the varying business models that exist today. Andy is always available to discuss your business goals and you can reach him by e-mail or by phone at +1 (800) 828-4415 ext. 3001. We look forward to serving you.

Consider our value proposition...

... with our sister Broker Dealer, LifeMark Securities

You are aware of our Insurance brokerage resources. Now, explore our integrated financial services platform expanding our insurance based business model to include our sister Broker Dealer, Corporate RIA and fee based financial planning organization.

This structure allows you to expand yet consolidate your business. It's simply a better way of giving you access to multiple platforms to serve the needs of your clients with efficiency and access to traditional advisory and financial planning solutions.

Want to know more? E-mail Andy Kalinowski or call him at +1 (800) 828-4415 ext. 3001 for a confidential consultation and take your business to the next level.

More Information

Top Story

Upstate Moves to the Cloud and Creates the Insurance Industry's First Virtual Processing Center

Upstate has always believed in using technology to improve efficiencies in serving the needs of our Agents and Brokers. In kicking off the new year we are happy to announce that Upstate has embraced cutting edge technology and moved all our computer systems and servers to the cloud, and created the insurance industry's first Virtual Processing Center. This Cloud based system will significantly improve our processing efficiency and capacity.

This change comes on the heels of the launch of our new web site which contains lots of new tools and apps (smartphone and iPad friendly) including Upstate's Swift Ticket™. Take a few minutes to explore the site, or arrange a web meeting for a guided tour.

You will also notice that Upstate has installed new encryption technology to protect customer privacy as required by HIPPA and GLB. This encryption technology will allow you to communicate with Upstate in a secure environment with very little effort, and no costs on your part.

It's a new day in a new year and we are just getting started.

Join us as we move into the future.


In Other News...

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  • As all the people involved are true assets to the organization, I commend Andy Kalinowski for the value these special individuals provide to my Agency.--Andrew J Fazio, President, Fazio Insurance Agency

  • They have the most competitive companies, knowledge of the products and advanced markets, and backroom support to make it easy for me to write business.--Dennis Chmiel, Producer

  • We could not be more impressed with the attention we are given. We highly recommend Upstate Special Risk for all of your insurance needs.--Judy Janesh, Producer

  • Ever since I have made the move to Upstate our Life and Disability production has quadrupled.--Steve Desino, President, Pinnacle Insurance Agency

  • Upstate Special Risk Services offers prompt, friendly, professional services for my life insurance clients. I especially appreciate the regular follow ups to let me know how the applications are progressing.--Scott Greene, Producer